Five of everything, but not really

So, you know. LISTS. Man. What’s better? I’ll tell you what’s better. Nothing. I’m probably taking to much from my friend’s blog (Julia) when I do this, but she’ll forgive me. See, she made lists of five things from January, and I decided to do the same. Just without the January part. Five things from whenever (wheeeeereeeeeeeeeverrrrr), that I like.


  1. Congratulations – MGMT
  2. Light Me Up – The Pretty Reckless
  3. Saturdays = Youth – M83
  4. This is Me – Charlie McDonnel
  5. Fantasies – Metric

Five Books:

  1. Notes on a Scandal – Zoé Heller
  2. Growing Pains – Billie Piper
  3. Paper Towns – John Green
  4. The Secret History – Donna Tarrt
  5. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins


  1. The Way it Ends – Landon Pigg
  2. Subdivisions – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
  3. Eet – Regina Spector
  4. My Medea – Vienna Teng
  5. Siberian Breaks – MGMT


  1. Earthlings (documentary)
  2. Mr. Nobody (effing best movie I’ve ever seen)
  3. Music and Lyrics (alltime feelgood movie)
  4. Barfuss
  5. What The Bleep Do We Know?

Five good things:

  1. Chocolate soy milk
  2. Finding new, great songs
  3. Reading books
  4. Trying new things
  5. Buying birthdays gifts (especially when it’s for my little sister)

Yes. Yes, I linked them all. Yes, I have a lot of free time. And no, that last link wasn’t a mistake. Cat’s have lots to do with my sister’s birthday present.

And is that allright, yeah?

Damien Rice is amazing. I can’t stop listening. 9 crimes is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I swear. I’ve listened to it about a 100 times in the last two days.

I’m a big fan of the Deschanel sisters. They’re just so talented and awesome and beautiful and yessss. Here’s Emily, with her amazing bone structure, and red lipstick. You don’t get a better combination than that.

I saw Dr. Phil the other day, and he talked about celebrity-obsession. The whole world’s got it. I’ve got it. But I can’t find myself to think it’s a bad thing. As long as you admire them because they deserve it in other ways than just looking pretty, and you can get inspired from it, it’s no harm. Inspiration is one of the most important things. For  me at least. So however I get my inspiration, I treasure it.

It was this girl on the show though, where I can see the problem with celebrity-obsession. When it pretty much becomes your whole world, and you just copy them, from clothes to opinion, it’s not good.

I don’t think I write english now. I write nonsense, in bad grammar. I had to wake up at 6 am. On a Saturday. Yes, it’s horrible.

Winter Wonderland

I’m loving winter these days. Mostly because I’m not freezing my head of, since the sun actually have appeared from time to time. Today has been good. I’ve read a good part of The Secret Life of Bees, done laundry and watched The Holiday. You know, the one with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law and such. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. And I’ve eaten ice cream. That’s become a little too much of an addiction lately. It’s just so damn good.

Pic from imgfave.

Song to listen to: Feeling a Moment by Feeder. Currently playing nonstop on my Spotify. And I really mean that.

Fastelavn aka Pancake Day

It’s good being on track here again. I really enjoy blogging.

So, today is Sunday. And Valentines Day. And Mothers Day. And (and this one I’m wondering if I manage to translate right) Pancake Day. In norwegian it’s not called that at all. More like.. No, I can’t manage to give you a good understanding of it. Sorry guys.

So, this is how “Pancake Day” is celebrated in Norway. Not much pancakes, I tell ya. More like twigs with feathers on. I’m not really sure at all why we do that. It’s a weird thing. But then again, it’s pretty weird taking a tree into your house and decorate it as well. To be honest I’m not really that found of Christmas trees, I always find myself pitying them. There’s the nature freak in me. I like her.

I actually didn’t now it was Fastelavn (I’m just gonna use the norwegian word here, seeing as I’m not even sure the english one is correct) until my dad told me this morning. We haven’t decorated feathers on twigs. He’s not really much of a decorator. Which is fine with me. It’s like if I want Christmas decorations, I’ll have do the decorating myself. I usually don’t spend Christmas in Oslo anyways, so that’s not really a problem. I just keep writing stuff here, don’t I? I’ll stop now. No wonder I like blogging so much, I get to talk about all my insignificant thoughts. Which is awesome, of course.

I’ve been thinking of having this “Song to listen to” thing at the end of my posts. I’m gonna try it now, and see how I like it.

Song to listen to: Scream by Chris Cornell. Catchy, awesome song.

Songs becoming feelings

I felt like writing another post before trying to sleep. I’ll probably watch an episode of Dead Like me before I actually fall asleep. Or two. Or three. Never good to know when my mind will let me sleep.

I like this picture, it’s got some calmness in it. Without being that calm. I really shouldn’t try analyzing pictures. It’s from, yet again.

Earlier I was talking to a friend, and got to thinking how I ruin songs. Songs I really like, by hearing them way to much within a small period of time. And especially if at that time, I was feeling down. Songs really can bring you right back to the feeling you had in the past when hearing it. Now there’s a handful of songs I simply can’t listen to. And that’s not nice, thinking of how much I really liked them. So my favourite songs, I rarely listen to. I just save them for, well, a time I really want to hear them, hoping that that’ll make them keep their magic.

I’m obsessing with the statistics on my blog. Really kinda sad, but I update them constantly, and always get a little more happy every time I’ve  had another view. So thank you, for reading this! Made me happy for a second, at least. Well, nighty-night.