Five of everything, but not really

So, you know. LISTS. Man. What’s better? I’ll tell you what’s better. Nothing. I’m probably taking to much from my friend’s blog (Julia) when I do this, but she’ll forgive me. See, she made lists of five things from January, and I decided to do the same. Just without the January part. Five things from whenever (wheeeeereeeeeeeeeverrrrr), that I like.


  1. Congratulations – MGMT
  2. Light Me Up – The Pretty Reckless
  3. Saturdays = Youth – M83
  4. This is Me – Charlie McDonnel
  5. Fantasies – Metric

Five Books:

  1. Notes on a Scandal – ZoĆ© Heller
  2. Growing Pains – Billie Piper
  3. Paper Towns – John Green
  4. The Secret History – Donna Tarrt
  5. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins


  1. The Way it Ends – Landon Pigg
  2. Subdivisions – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
  3. Eet – Regina Spector
  4. My Medea – Vienna Teng
  5. Siberian Breaks – MGMT


  1. Earthlings (documentary)
  2. Mr. Nobody (effing best movie I’ve ever seen)
  3. Music and Lyrics (alltime feelgood movie)
  4. Barfuss
  5. What The Bleep Do We Know?

Five good things:

  1. Chocolate soy milk
  2. Finding new, great songs
  3. Reading books
  4. Trying new things
  5. Buying birthdays gifts (especially when it’s for my little sister)

Yes. Yes, I linked them all. Yes, I have a lot of free time. And no, that last link wasn’t a mistake. Cat’s have lots to do with my sister’s birthday present.

It’s new and I love lists

New things. New things happen! For me that’s crazy. New things are crazy.

I’ll write a little bit about Dublin now. I won’t post pics just yet, because that would mean having to stand up and get the camera. And I’m actually sick, so that won’t happen. Stupid bugs. I slept terrible tonight, waking up every half hour, freezing to death (even though I had two quilts and a wool blanket) and sweating like crazy. No fun.

But you can get a list! I love writing them, so that’ll help me look away from my sickness, which I love dwelling in. I’m much too good with letting myself be in my misery.

What I bought in Dublin:

  • A green, gorgeous jacket (pic later)
  • Awesome green pants
  • Two pair of socks
  • The original Alice in Wonderland books
  • A huge sewing book with lots of tips
  • Two vegan books (one recipe book and one guide-thingy)
  • A Starbucks mug
  • A Starbucks thermos (yes, I love Starbucks)
  • Sweeney Todd DVD
  • Yes Man DVD
  • Girl, Interrupted DVD
  • She & Him CD
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD
  • The Time Travellers Wife (book)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (book)
  • The Alchemist (book)
  • The three first Harry Potter books
  • Hamlet (book)
  • The Catcher in the Rye (book)
  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories (book) by Tim Burton
  • Where’s Wally (or Waldo in english, I think)
  • The Chapel at the Edge of the World (book)
  • The Lovely Bones (book)
  • The Nature Book (full of interesting facts and stuff)
  • Moab is my Washpot, autobiography by Stephen Fry
  • An awesome Ireland T-shirt
  • A skarf
  • Necklace, earrings and some nice stuff
  • Present to my sister

So yeah, I’ve got a lot to read. I’m so excited.