3.1 Philip Lim

A little fashion to get you through the day. If you’re like me and it can do that for you. Anyway, 3.1 Philip Lim is one of my favourites this fall, so I’ll give you a little taste.

I absolutely adore the knitwear on the second picture here.

And the colours of the first one of these. And really, the colours of the whole collection. I’m talking about the pictures about the writing in every column, if you were wondering.

Whenever anyone puts anything green into a collection, I’m instantly in love with it. Yes. I’m that easy.

Saved the best one for last. Cause that’s the way to do it. And I would almost kill for those pants. Nnngggh. Fashion and not having money does not go easily hand in hand.

Pringles of Fall Fashion

Thought I’d post a little fall fashion. Since it’s so very soon fall, you know. But I like fall. And fall means it’s just been summer, so it’s still warm outside, and hopefully you have some nice summer memories to hang unto. And the fact that that’s how fashion works, they give it to you way before the time to wear it has come.

This is from Cacharel’s pre-fall line for 2011. I really liked the model, but I haven’t been able to find her name yet. No fear though, I’ll keep trying. Cause that’s what I do. The voice inside my head read that in a funny way. Make yours do the same.

And this is from Pringle of Scotland, pre-fall 2011 as well.

Rag & Bone

So, along with my newfound love for fashion, I’ve come to really adore Rag & Bone. Here’s some pics from their spring/summer collection. I’m in love with the colours, shapes and just everything. It’s so easygoing, while still beautiful in every way.

Rag & Bone collection

Project Runway’s still on

I’m not in the blog-till-you-drop mood today, cause I’m so busy watching Project Runway. It’s way awesome. Not to talk about that I have to pack for my vacation, I’m on the train tomorrow morning. Jeez. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep this night. Simply don’t have the time for it.

Tomorrow I’m going to Stavanger, which is sort of my hometown. Where my mother and sister and friends and stuff live. It’s eight hours of train to get there. Yay. Now I’m gonna find a pic to post here, and go back to watching PR. (Funny abbreviation.) I already miss it too much.

Look at that awesome pic of Emma Watson. I’m loving her style so much. And this whole photoshoot for Teen Vogue is gorgeous. And yes, I’ve been pretty much into fashion for the last few days. Or just design. And clothes. Maybe not go as far as fashion, but jee, you get it.

Vintage Ossie Clark

When I’m already on fashion, I might as well continue, right? Actually I’ve had a lot of it today. I’ve used my day to watch Project Runway. I love that show, I get so inspired. Inspiration is such a beautiful thing.

I’ve loved Emma Watson’s style for some time now, and today, while waiting for the buffering of Project Runway, I took a more intense look at her style. And I found pictures of her on the world premiere of The Haldblood Prince. And god, that dress is amazing. So amazing. I can’t stop looking. And yeah, it’s a vintage Ossie Clark.

I just realized I actually know something about fashion. That’s fun.

Alexander McQueen

Yesterday I found out about his death. And god, it’s so terrible. I’ve never followed fashion that much, and don’t know a hell of a lot about it, but I do love to design and sew, and I really appreciate great clothes. And I always liked his designs so much, he’s one of the few I’ve followed with an extra eye.

I don’t have much other to say. I just think this is so sad. So rest in peace, and.. You did great work.

I mean, look at that. It’s so gorgeous.