And is that allright, yeah?

Damien Rice is amazing. I can’t stop listening. 9 crimes is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I swear. I’ve listened to it about a 100 times in the last two days.

I’m a big fan of the Deschanel sisters. They’re just so talented and awesome and beautiful and yessss. Here’s Emily, with her amazing bone structure, and red lipstick. You don’t get a better combination than that.

I saw Dr. Phil the other day, and he talked about celebrity-obsession. The whole world’s got it. I’ve got it. But I can’t find myself to think it’s a bad thing. As long as you admire them because they deserve it in other ways than just looking pretty, and you can get inspired from it, it’s no harm. Inspiration is one of the most important things. For ┬áme at least. So however I get my inspiration, I treasure it.

It was this girl on the show though, where I can see the problem with celebrity-obsession. When it pretty much becomes your whole world, and you just copy them, from clothes to opinion, it’s not good.

I don’t think I write english now. I write nonsense, in bad grammar. I had to wake up at 6 am. On a Saturday. Yes, it’s horrible.

Daily routines

I didn’t really get to follow my plan for today. Which was to clean my room. I know, extremely hard. An entire day isn’t enough. No really, I just watched Oprah, then Dr. Phil, then The Ellen Show, then Oprah, then 7th Heaven (yeah, I can actually watch that), then Smallville (which I fell asleep during), the last half of One Tree Hill (when I woke up again), What I Like About You, Friends, Dharma & Greg, Will & Grace, and lastly Two And A Half Men. I know, who’s saying I don’t have a life? I have so much of a life. Yeah. What’s probably a little sad is that this is pretty much becoming a daily routine.

Things I”ve learned from watching TV all day:

  • Paris Hilton has “released” 9 perfumes
  • You shouldn’t have contact with your dad if he is a serial killer
  • Don’t trust the little sister of your new dating material to give the message you leave at the phone
  • I don’t really remember, or learn a lot from watching TV all day

I just had a really spicy dinner. Apparently, when you’ve given the go for spicy food, that’s all you get. Couldn’t even finish half of my first dish. Probably good way to go if you’re trying to lose weight! Haha.