Fastelavn aka Pancake Day

It’s good being on track here again. I really enjoy blogging.

So, today is Sunday. And Valentines Day. And Mothers Day. And (and this one I’m wondering if I manage to translate right) Pancake Day. In norwegian it’s not called that at all. More like.. No, I can’t manage to give you a good understanding of it. Sorry guys.

So, this is how “Pancake Day” is celebrated in Norway. Not much pancakes, I tell ya. More like twigs with feathers on. I’m not really sure at all why we do that. It’s a weird thing. But then again, it’s pretty weird taking a tree into your house and decorate it as well. To be honest I’m not really that found of Christmas trees, I always find myself pitying them. There’s the nature freak in me. I like her.

I actually didn’t now it was Fastelavn (I’m just gonna use the norwegian word here, seeing as I’m not even sure the english one is correct) until my dad told me this morning. We haven’t decorated feathers on twigs. He’s not really much of a decorator. Which is fine with me. It’s like if I want Christmas decorations, I’ll have do the decorating myself. I usually don’t spend Christmas in Oslo anyways, so that’s not really a problem. I just keep writing stuff here, don’t I? I’ll stop now. No wonder I like blogging so much, I get to talk about all my insignificant thoughts. Which is awesome, of course.

I’ve been thinking of having this “Song to listen to” thing at the end of my posts. I’m gonna try it now, and see how I like it.

Song to listen to: Scream by Chris Cornell. Catchy, awesome song.