I’d like to think..

… that if I had guitars in this many colours, I’d automatically be awesome at playing.

Run, run, run, you can ruuuuunnnn!!!

What is up with my views going skyhigh when I don’t blog, and when I do blog, there’s only a few? You weirdoes. Internet is a weirdo. HOHO, take that, you Internet!!!

Here you have a picture of my cat. Doing the evil look. Or maybe she’s trying to smile.

Today I went jogging. Because I just thought “Hey Aila, what about going outside in the nice whether for a run? That should be fun!”

15 minutes later. “How could I not remember how horrible this is?! God, I’m sweating so much (I have a slight phobia for my own sweat). And it’s so hard to breath. I think I’m just gonna lie down and die.”

15 minutes later. Again. “Wow, talk about being a dramaqueen, this isn’t a problem at all!”

One or two minutes later. “Okey, need to breath. I could kill for some water right now. WOW, this is even more horrible than I imagined. UGH, sweat!! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

On my walk back home. “I don’t understand why I thought that was a problem. I feel absolutely great!”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror. “Christ. I’m red. Like. RED. Wow. Okey, I’m just gonna cool down and take a shower. It’s okay.”

The doorbell rings. “THE DOORBELL RINGS! Okay, I could just pretend that I’m not at home. But it’s probably our neighbor. That heard me come in. Fuck. I don’t want to answer the door like this.”

Our neighbor speaks. I answer. She has some dvd’s she’d like to return to us. I say I was just about to go into the shower. I realise it’s really stupid to ask her to leave the dvd’s outside our door. So I open. And it wasn’t a big deal. She just asked if I had gone for a run. (HEHEHEHE, it rhymes! RHYYYYYMEES!!!!!!1!!)

I’ll stop with the italic now. To be honest, I’m confusing myself with where to use the italic, and where not to use it. I stared at the last paragraph for like 5 minutes, trying to decide. I decided on italic. If you’re like blind, and couldn’t tell.

OKEY BYEE!! I’m gonna go watch a danish crime-show called Forbrytelsen. Translated it would be something like The Crime. I know, original. But it’s really good.

PS: The title is some lyrics from a song I wrote like.. three years ago. It’s really catchy. It goes like this:

“Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, from everything that’s gooooooo-oone.”

And that’s actually all I ever wrote for that song. I know. Why would you run from something that’s already gone? It’s really more of a melodic song. Orrrr… It’s really more of a stupid song. But it is catchy! Because.. likee… there aren’t enough really stupid, but catchy songs out there.

I said bye too long ago. Here, I’ll give you a wave!

Yeah. Yeah it is crazy-Aila-who-have-just-taken-a-run-and-is-red-cause-she-sometimes-forgets-how-not-in-shape-she-is-and-runs-way-too-fast-for-someone-who-is-not-in-shape.

Awesome, awesome, bøttiføll

Cause it’s awesome, and awesome, and lastly bøttiføll. For you non-norwegians (or non-understanding of the Aila writing of things) that means beautiful.

Too pms for mah socks

PSM is a bitch. Today I have:

  • Freaked out on my dad because he told me not to stay up all night
  • Wanted to kill myself because I realised I don’t have any empty DVD’s to copy the films for my sister
  • Been mad at the room for making me freeze
  • Tried to hold back tears because my dad thinks it’s easier to wake my sister up in the morning than me

It’s ridiculous. Insane. And it’s completely true. Well, maybe I didn’t want to kill myself, but I sure wanted to die. And just yeah. It’s not a good day to be awake.

I have plans to watch:

  • Seventeen Again
  • Up
  • Princess Protection Program
  • Hannah Montana: The Movie
  • Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

One I’m gonna watch tonight. I don’t know which. I can’t believe I’m listing those movies. Oh well. Disney is awesome, there’s no denying that. Even though, films such as Finding Nemo, Wall-E, The Sword in the Stone, Lion King and you get my drift are a hell of a lot cooler than those, with those.. people. I’m not too fond of that. But I’m watching it anyway, so I’ve really lost my right to complain.

I’ll go eat and feel sorry for myself now.


I’ve always liked that word. I like a lot of words. Words are awesomeness in a very pure form. Well, some of them are. Quite a few are the very opposite. I really want a foreign-word dictionary. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called in english. I stared at the one I wanted for five minutes in the bookstore before I went out.

Today I’ve been listening a little to Angus & Julia Stone. I’ve never listened to them before. I think I like it quite a lot. It’s much better than Sir Mix-A-Lot. I’m so tired of him and that stupid song that still hasn’t left my mind completely. Talking about that, here’s an awesomely annoying pic!

Facebook can be quite funny with those fake-things. I like the Harry Potter ones and such. God, my stomach hurts.

Here’s something a norwegian dude tweeted, it has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. As Julia said, it sounds like an excuse for those who just don’t read.

There’s nothing called cuddling up with a “good book”. It’s only another word for having too much free time, and to little to do.

Here’s another picture.

You want another one? No? Well, you’re getting it anyways. If you answered yes, good for you! YOU WON! The saying-yes-to-a-picture-and-getting-it-contest! If you didn’t answer, you should try to learn to do that. It’s rude not answering people.

Johnny Depp Special:

In The Red

Talking about hair, I love this. Red is so powerful. I don’t like red that much in clothing to be honest, but red hair is just pure awesomeness. I’m so gonna be fierce and have red hair one day. When my hair will allow colour in it again. For now, I’m just gonna look at her with envy.

Yes, I’ve realised I’m into hair. I really think your hair is your greatest accessorie. Picture from imgfave.com once again, and title from one of Datarock’s songs. I really like them, and they’re awesome live.

Burger King: The Dublin Edition

I had to make a brand new posts for these pics. They’re just so awesome. It’s like we’re fourteen again, sitting at Burger King taking pictures of ourselves. Oh wait. Julia is fourteen. Hahaha. I’m so funny. She sure doesn’t look fourteen though, am I right or am I right? I’m right.

Keep learning

Project Runway’s still on

I’m not in the blog-till-you-drop mood today, cause I’m so busy watching Project Runway. It’s way awesome. Not to talk about that I have to pack for my vacation, I’m on the train tomorrow morning. Jeez. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep this night. Simply don’t have the time for it.

Tomorrow I’m going to Stavanger, which is sort of my hometown. Where my mother and sister and friends and stuff live. It’s eight hours of train to get there. Yay. Now I’m gonna find a pic to post here, and go back to watching PR. (Funny abbreviation.) I already miss it too much.

Look at that awesome pic of Emma Watson. I’m loving her style so much. And this whole photoshoot for Teen Vogue is gorgeous. And yes, I’ve been pretty much into fashion for the last few days. Or just design. And clothes. Maybe not go as far as fashion, but jee, you get it.

Fastelavn aka Pancake Day

It’s good being on track here again. I really enjoy blogging.

So, today is Sunday. And Valentines Day. And Mothers Day. And (and this one I’m wondering if I manage to translate right) Pancake Day. In norwegian it’s not called that at all. More like.. No, I can’t manage to give you a good understanding of it. Sorry guys.

So, this is how “Pancake Day” is celebrated in Norway. Not much pancakes, I tell ya. More like twigs with feathers on. I’m not really sure at all why we do that. It’s a weird thing. But then again, it’s pretty weird taking a tree into your house and decorate it as well. To be honest I’m not really that found of Christmas trees, I always find myself pitying them. There’s the nature freak in me. I like her.

I actually didn’t now it was Fastelavn (I’m just gonna use the norwegian word here, seeing as I’m not even sure the english one is correct) until my dad told me this morning. We haven’t decorated feathers on twigs. He’s not really much of a decorator. Which is fine with me. It’s like if I want Christmas decorations, I’ll have do the decorating myself. I usually don’t spend Christmas in Oslo anyways, so that’s not really a problem. I just keep writing stuff here, don’t I? I’ll stop now. No wonder I like blogging so much, I get to talk about all my insignificant thoughts. Which is awesome, of course.

I’ve been thinking of having this “Song to listen to” thing at the end of my posts. I’m gonna try it now, and see how I like it.

Song to listen to: Scream by Chris Cornell. Catchy, awesome song.

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