Songs becoming feelings

I felt like writing another post before trying to sleep. I’ll probably watch an episode of Dead Like me before I actually fall asleep. Or two. Or three. Never good to know when my mind will let me sleep.

I like this picture, it’s got some calmness in it. Without being that calm. I really shouldn’t try analyzing pictures. It’s from, yet again.

Earlier I was talking to a friend, and got to thinking how I ruin songs. Songs I really like, by hearing them way to much within a small period of time. And especially if at that time, I was feeling down. Songs really can bring you right back to the feeling you had in the past when hearing it. Now there’s a handful of songs I simply can’t listen to. And that’s not nice, thinking of how much I really liked them. So my favourite songs, I rarely listen to. I just save them for, well, a time I really want to hear them, hoping that that’ll make them keep their magic.

I’m obsessing with the statistics on my blog. Really kinda sad, but I update them constantly, and always get a little more happy every time I’ve ┬áhad another view. So thank you, for reading this! Made me happy for a second, at least. Well, nighty-night.