Booklover, listlover

Since I like book posts as much as I do, I figured that hey, I should make one. There’s this site that I love, it’s norwegian, but in english it would be called Booklovers. And you can just find books and make lists of them (I know, right, lists, says it all right there) over books you’ve read, and books you want to read, and books you’re reading and whatever, it’s amazing.

I’ve got about 160 books on my profile now. About 100 of them is books I want to read. Yes. I’ve got to get to the library. Anyways, the pictures here is some of the books I’m looking most forward to read. (You don’t want to know the time it took me to get those pictures about right, with a slow connection and whatnot.)

Sick of sickness

So, you’d think that when you don’t go to school, and don’t have a job, and basically just don’t do anything during the day, it’d pretty much be the same whatever city you’d do that in.

Only it’s not.

I’m in Stavanger now, been here for nearly two weeks. And there’s nothing wrong with it. The first week I was too sick to go back, and this week my mom is too sick for me to go back.

I’m just bored. Well, not really. But kinda. I’m gonna go make some coffee now. Because coffee is the best boredom-fighter in the entire universe. But not really.

I was gonna write something not completely boring, but all I’m coming up with is the fact that I woke up with spots on my face today. More than fucking one. I somehow imagine that that’s worse for people that are completely unprepared for spots, because they never really have them. And now I’ve got many. I don’t know what tooo doooooooooooooo. Heeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee. KSJDB. SJHFB.

I hated my profile when I was younger. Can’t really see what there was to hate with the force that I hated it now. Guess it just was one of those “I’m growing up so I HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO HATE RIGHT NOW I SAID RIGHT NOW DAMNIT!!!11!!!!11!”

Yeah. Song for  today: Running Down – Michelle Featherstone

New year update and post and whatnot

Hope you all had a jolly food Christmas! I meant to write good, but when food came out on the keyboard instead, I figured it makes more sense. Christmas is all about food anyway, right? As a non-meat eater, I made a nut roast for both Christmas evening, and New Years. I could give you the recipe, but it’s all over the Internet anyway. Next Christmas.

I got a Christmas present that actually made my aunt hold her hands over her ears, because of my scream. You know Moomin, right? If not, GO GOOGLE YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. Anyway, I’m kind  of a fanatic Moomin collector and enthusiast. And I got one of those Moomin cups.

(image from Google, my everlasting friend)

I love these cups. I mean, just look at them! WOO! I would have them all, it’s just that they’re a little expensive as cups go. But I got one of them from one of my best friends, and screamed for about five minutes. No kidding. And just to top it of, I got the one with my favourite character, Snufkin. If I were to have a crush on a non-real, drawn-out-not-even-played-by-someone person, it would without a doubt be him.

And just to show you my all consuming love, here’s me with a regular cup (yes, I realize how that may sound wrong):

And with a Moomin cup:

Sure got the crazy eye figured out.

Those last two images got kind of drawn out. Whatever, dude, me no take no time to fix dat. Well, I’m of to walk my dog for a bit, in the snow! Byyyeee. I think I’ll post my resolutions and stuff later, cause that means making lists, and boy, do I love lists.

Thanks for all the viewings, by the way. I have no idea how it happened, but you almost made me faint.

Afro-something hair

So, this is what my hair looks like when I take out the dreads. I never, ever want to shower again. This is too awesome.

In other news, I had my friend (BFF, soulmate, doodle, shangalanga, whatever you want to call her) over last night, and we had an awesome time as usual. She’s the mind and voice and face of this beauty right here:

Hope that’s okay with you, sweetums (mehe, oh the names). I thought I’d use my weird-ass viewings on this blog to something a little useful.


So, I don’t have anything to do for this halloween. Wish I did, because I love dressing up, but hey, what can you do? If this was a blog people commented on, I’d ask you what you’re dressing up as, because I’d love to see. But since that’s not the case (no harm intended), I’ll just post a picture of me from last year. I was a witch. Witches are awesome. I’d be a great witch this year with my dreads and all, but what can you do. Maybe I’ll force Julia do dress up with me tomorrow. OH! I wonder if we’ll get trick or treaters? That would be so much fun! In that case, I’ll have to buy candy. I realise I sound pathetic now, so I’ll just stop. Happy Halloween!

This skirt makes my waist look really big. Oh well. And FYI, I didn’t take my cat with me out.

Happy, then awkward

Okay. OKAY. This blog have had over 10 000 views now. And that’s not counting my own (which if were the case, I would not think of it as that weird, cause I click on my blog A LOT). So so so soooooo. THIS IS CRAZY SHIT DUDE! I mean.. ten thousand fucking views! DUDE.

A lot of it is thanks to google, people searching for just about anything. This caused someone to stumble their way into my blog “كيفية ربط ربطة العنق”. Not completely sure they got what they were looking for.

So yeah. I don’t have much else to say, to be honest. All tho, there’s one thing I’ve been debating a little in my head for a few days **WARNING, AWKWARD AND PROBABLY INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT**

I just got my period. And that time of the month sucks. So I was thinking, “Man, guys are so lucky!”, but then I started thinking about the things they have, which we don’t. And well, the worst thing I could think of was for them to get a hard on in inappropriate situations. And well, that must suck pretty bad. And then I’d take menstruation any day. Even though getting a hard on in inappropriate situations probably wouldn’t be a big problem for me, but what do I know, I mean, if I was a boy and my hormones were out of control or something. And even though that situation with guys certainly wouldn’t happen as often as the period does (or so I sure hope), just the thought of that being a possibility would freak me out. So yeah. I ended up being glad I’m a girl.

Okay. I’ll end this awkward post now. And maybe I made you feel better about being a girl. Or worse about being a boy. Or nothing at all. Anyway, you’re very welcome!


Ten things I love

So, since I seem to be all drawn out for inspiration to find something to write, here or anywhere else really (which will make NaNoWriMo that starts in a few days interesting), I thought I’d do the same thing a friend did on her blog. Post ten things I love.

  1. I love hair. I love the dreads I now have, and I love colouring my hair and in general, I love changing my hair. It’s something refreshing about getting a totally new look. It makes looking at myself in the mirror exciting. And I love when other people change their hair. They don’t even have to change it, I just like.. looking at hair. That sounds creepy.

  2. Music. I should mention, this list doesn’t go in order. Hair isn’t my number one love in life. Back to music. I love music. The way a song can instantly change your mood. Even tho it more than not changes my mood into the melancholic. I somehow don’t mind it, it’s sort of a nice melancholy. The knowledge of other people out there, having felt the way you do, and hearing the beauty that can come out of the pain.

  3. Books. The fact that I can just (almost, at least) completely disappear into another world never cease to fascinate me. Good books are amongst the best things in the world.

  4. Animals. The innocent ways they just are, the honest way they always express how they feel. There’s no manipulation, no ulterior motive behind what they do. When they’re happy, they share their happiness with you so easily. And when they’re sad, well, that one just breaks my heart. Like when my cat doesn’t get her favourite food, and she just looks up at me with those eyes, asking why on earth I would try to feed her something else. Or when I leave my dog, and she whimpers for five minutes after I’ve left.

  5. Clothes. I don’t know why really. It’s difficult to put the finger on why I love that so much. I guess it’s about expression. How you present yourself can tell people a lot about you. And there’s just so much pretty out there! I also love to make clothes, repair them, dye them. Oh, you should see me when I wait for a washing machine of dyed clothes to be done. I’m like a kid in the biggest candy store he has ever seen.

  6. Creating things. This is probably my biggest passion. Whether it’s making music, painting a painting, sewing a new blouse, or simply cooking a meal. Putting things that by themselves weren’t much and being the whole process of making it something that actually has a function. Or just has some beauty to it. A little beauty, at least.

  7. People. I won’t lie, I’m really deadly scared of people. They freak the shit out of me. But once in a while, they don’t. Having friends and family that know you and love you and accept you isn’t something you can put a price on. They really are the center of my existence. Well, no, that’s me. But I wouldn’t be anything without them.

  8. Series. TV shows. Oh, what my life would be without that. I would have bored the life out of me. Or I would actually have done something with my life, instead of sitting dead and watching people that don’t really exist live. I choose to believe it’s the first one. I never intend to find out just how much of my life I’ve used on series. The number would astonish me, and yeah.. It wouldn’t be good for me to know. Ignorance is bliss. At least here.

  9. The Internet. Oh, the Internet. I owe you so much. This is probably the one thing I could never ever live without. Okay, there are some things I’d choose before it. But man, the detox I’d experience if I’d never get to go online again.

  10. Last thing. Hm. Choose wisely, Aila. Okay. I’ll take the one thing I’d choose over everything else if I only got to keep one thing in the whole world. Love. Having someone that knows me to the core, and that still loves me, and that just plain gets me. That’s worth everything, and nothing’s worth anything without it. I love you, darrrrling!

My gorgeous new hair.

My one hundredth post!

I really, REALLY cannot fathom the viewings on this blog. It’s like.. so weird. I don’t think I have even one constant follower (at least not anybody who has commented that they do read this), but all the same I get at least 30 hits each day. Even when I don’t write for months. MONTHS.

So, okay. I’ve been watching My So-Called Life for the last couple of days. Y’know, that nineties show. I really love it. When I’m done with that, I’m gonna watch some Doctor Who, and then the second season of Dead Like Me. All of these are some of my favourite shows. I also adore Friends, Smallville, Criminal Minds and you know. A lot. I’m a huge geek when it comes to series. I love that. I’ve seen way too much of like.. everything. I guess I’m nearing like 20 shows I’ve seen every episode of, at least once. Notice the at least.

Long time, no sea, seabear!

God, my wordplays. They’re so not funny. Oh well.

My very beloved MacBook have been exile for a while. But now, my dear Kara (that’s her name, yes) is back!

This weekend I went to a flea market with my.. uhm, best friend. Yeah, let’s call her that. That sounded so wrong. ANYWAYS, we found so much awesomeness! I now own these gorgeous shoes, which are probably men shoes, but now they’re me shoes. They’re great. And yeah.. Awesome. That flea market is my shopping trip of the year.

Imma give ya’ll a picture of MKA, cause I love Mary Kate as a redhead. Really. She’s gorgeous. I probably shouldn’t like them, given that they suck at what they’re famous for (acting), but then again, they’re just as much famous for their fashion style nowadays, and there’s not much to say about their fashion style. Except that it’s great. PICTURE TIME!

MK is on the right. With the red hair. That I was talking about. No shit.

I prefer Mary Kate out of the two of them. Nothing against Ashley, I just like MK’s style better.

Hm. I’m one of those people blogging about the Olsen twins now. God. And I’m a nerdfighter. Well, a person has a lot of sides, right?

Yeah. G’night weird people that actually read my blog even though I never blog! Listen to Damien Rice. 9 Crimes, or The Blower’s Daughter or Accidental Babies or.. well. Anything. Great music.


Run, run, run, you can ruuuuunnnn!!!

What is up with my views going skyhigh when I don’t blog, and when I do blog, there’s only a few? You weirdoes. Internet is a weirdo. HOHO, take that, you Internet!!!

Here you have a picture of my cat. Doing the evil look. Or maybe she’s trying to smile.

Today I went jogging. Because I just thought “Hey Aila, what about going outside in the nice whether for a run? That should be fun!”

15 minutes later. “How could I not remember how horrible this is?! God, I’m sweating so much (I have a slight phobia for my own sweat). And it’s so hard to breath. I think I’m just gonna lie down and die.”

15 minutes later. Again. “Wow, talk about being a dramaqueen, this isn’t a problem at all!”

One or two minutes later. “Okey, need to breath. I could kill for some water right now. WOW, this is even more horrible than I imagined. UGH, sweat!! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

On my walk back home. “I don’t understand why I thought that was a problem. I feel absolutely great!”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror. “Christ. I’m red. Like. RED. Wow. Okey, I’m just gonna cool down and take a shower. It’s okay.”

The doorbell rings. “THE DOORBELL RINGS! Okay, I could just pretend that I’m not at home. But it’s probably our neighbor. That heard me come in. Fuck. I don’t want to answer the door like this.”

Our neighbor speaks. I answer. She has some dvd’s she’d like to return to us. I say I was just about to go into the shower. I realise it’s really stupid to ask her to leave the dvd’s outside our door. So I open. And it wasn’t a big deal. She just asked if I had gone for a run. (HEHEHEHE, it rhymes! RHYYYYYMEES!!!!!!1!!)

I’ll stop with the italic now. To be honest, I’m confusing myself with where to use the italic, and where not to use it. I stared at the last paragraph for like 5 minutes, trying to decide. I decided on italic. If you’re like blind, and couldn’t tell.

OKEY BYEE!! I’m gonna go watch a danish crime-show called Forbrytelsen. Translated it would be something like The Crime. I know, original. But it’s really good.

PS: The title is some lyrics from a song I wrote like.. three years ago. It’s really catchy. It goes like this:

“Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, from everything that’s gooooooo-oone.”

And that’s actually all I ever wrote for that song. I know. Why would you run from something that’s already gone? It’s really more of a melodic song. Orrrr… It’s really more of a stupid song. But it is catchy! Because.. likee… there aren’t enough really stupid, but catchy songs out there.

I said bye too long ago. Here, I’ll give you a wave!

Yeah. Yeah it is crazy-Aila-who-have-just-taken-a-run-and-is-red-cause-she-sometimes-forgets-how-not-in-shape-she-is-and-runs-way-too-fast-for-someone-who-is-not-in-shape.

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