Me in my nutshells

I’m 18. I’m a girl. I’m vegan.

I love computers, more precisely my gorgeous MacBook.

I really, really love tea. I have probably 30 different sorts in my kitchen. And I always buy new ones.

Taking design at school.

I’ve got problems. Not like the heartbreak-oh-pity-me problems. Other ones, that I keep to myself. Only three persons know the extinct of it. So if I act unusual at times (well, unusual for me, that is), like being gone for some time without words, that’s probably it.

I’m a huge TV series enthusiast.  I think I live more in the TV world, than in the real one. Could be sad, but I don’t think so.

I think a lot, about a lot.

I don’t really go along with most people. I could if I would I guess, but I rarely try. It should be real, so trying too much never leads anywhere good. But what do I know, maybe I’m living the lie.

Oh, my humor. I use irony where people don’t get it, and I find it amusing to be internal with myself. And I can have a pretty normal humor as well. Just not jokes. Jokes aren’t funny.

There’s nothing more attractive than androgyniety. Well, of course it all depends, but you get it. You should get it. You don’t get it? I’m not gonna explain it. Stupid person.

I love gay people. If you’re gay, please, I want to know you.

Reading is awesome. I love books. Talking about awesomeness: DFTBA.

I care about things, not always humans, because I think we’re screwed up. But nature and animals, and beauty. I love technology, but there’s nothing more beautiful than nature. Nothing purer. I love how I feel so much more in contact with me, with my creativity, with my balance when I’m out (preferably alone) in a forrest.

I’m a perfectionist and control-freak, who rarely gets it right. That surely deserves the pedestal.

I love english. Hence, blog in english. Especially british, that’s ingcredibly gorgeous. I find myself watching all kinds of shows just to hear them speak (but nothing quite oversteps hearing Charlie McDonnel talking british). Please forgive me if I have some errors along the way. My english is rather good, but not perfect.

My username means: “v.i. gather in fruit, or the vintage. vindemiationn. vindemiatorya.” Why I use it? The freakin’ name I normally use was taken, and so was about everything else. ‘s cool, though.

So there, that was it for now! You still want to read more? Damn, what’s wrong with you?! You could always read my blog.

1 Comment

  1. sami Alam said,

    March 13, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    wow… u r takin design.. dat is really nyc…

    like da way u wrote… 🙂

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