Battle (babble) of the iPods

Okay. Thought I would have more time to write this post. But my train leaves in half an hour, and I have to pack, so no. I’m only taking the train into town, it’s a nine minute ride. When you say you’re gonna take the train, plus packing, it sounds like you’re going away for longer than just to spend the evening at a friend.

I have no idea what I’m doing posting this. This is nothing, just me babbling. Worse than like.. me babbling in every other post I write on this goddamn weird blog. Anyhow and way, I now want to formally inform you of something important. My iPod is broken. It’s taken one of it’s breaks from me, at least. This is the longest one this far in our.. what is it? 5 year long relationship? No wonder she takes breaks from me. I can’t even remember how long we’ve been together. And I took a long break from her as well. With my new iPod. But then he got stolen, and here we are again. I should go apologise. Yes. Bye.


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