Sick of sickness

So, you’d think that when you don’t go to school, and don’t have a job, and basically just don’t do anything during the day, it’d pretty much be the same whatever city you’d do that in.

Only it’s not.

I’m in Stavanger now, been here for nearly two weeks. And there’s nothing wrong with it. The first week I was too sick to go back, and this week my mom is too sick for me to go back.

I’m just bored. Well, not really. But kinda. I’m gonna go make some coffee now. Because coffee is the best boredom-fighter in the entire universe. But not really.

I was gonna write something not completely boring, but all I’m coming up with is the fact that I woke up with spots on my face today. More than fucking one. I somehow imagine that that’s worse for people that are completely unprepared for spots, because they never really have them. And now I’ve got many. I don’t know what tooo doooooooooooooo. Heeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee. KSJDB. SJHFB.

I hated my profile when I was younger. Can’t really see what there was to hate with the force that I hated it now. Guess it just was one of those “I’m growing up so I HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO HATE RIGHT NOW I SAID RIGHT NOW DAMNIT!!!11!!!!11!”

Yeah. Song for  today: Running Down – Michelle Featherstone

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