New year update and post and whatnot

Hope you all had a jolly food Christmas! I meant to write good, but when food came out on the keyboard instead, I figured it makes more sense. Christmas is all about food anyway, right? As a non-meat eater, I made a nut roast for both Christmas evening, and New Years. I could give you the recipe, but it’s all over the Internet anyway. Next Christmas.

I got a Christmas present that actually made my aunt hold her hands over her ears, because of my scream. You know Moomin, right? If not, GO GOOGLE YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. Anyway, I’m kind  of a fanatic Moomin collector and enthusiast. And I got one of those Moomin cups.

(image from Google, my everlasting friend)

I love these cups. I mean, just look at them! WOO! I would have them all, it’s just that they’re a little expensive as cups go. But I got one of them from one of my best friends, and screamed for about five minutes. No kidding. And just to top it of, I got the one with my favourite character, Snufkin. If I were to have a crush on a non-real, drawn-out-not-even-played-by-someone person, it would without a doubt be him.

And just to show you my all consuming love, here’s me with a regular cup (yes, I realize how that may sound wrong):

And with a Moomin cup:

Sure got the crazy eye figured out.

Those last two images got kind of drawn out. Whatever, dude, me no take no time to fix dat. Well, I’m of to walk my dog for a bit, in the snow! Byyyeee. I think I’ll post my resolutions and stuff later, cause that means making lists, and boy, do I love lists.

Thanks for all the viewings, by the way. I have no idea how it happened, but you almost made me faint.

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