Happy, then awkward

Okay. OKAY. This blog have had over 10 000 views now. And that’s not counting my own (which if were the case, I would not think of it as that weird, cause I click on my blog A LOT). So so so soooooo. THIS IS CRAZY SHIT DUDE! I mean.. ten thousand fucking views! DUDE.

A lot of it is thanks to google, people searching for just about anything. This caused someone to stumble their way into my blog “كيفية ربط ربطة العنق”. Not completely sure they got what they were looking for.

So yeah. I don’t have much else to say, to be honest. All tho, there’s one thing I’ve been debating a little in my head for a few days **WARNING, AWKWARD AND PROBABLY INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT**

I just got my period. And that time of the month sucks. So I was thinking, “Man, guys are so lucky!”, but then I started thinking about the things they have, which we don’t. And well, the worst thing I could think of was for them to get a hard on in inappropriate situations. And well, that must suck pretty bad. And then I’d take menstruation any day. Even though getting a hard on in inappropriate situations probably wouldn’t be a big problem for me, but what do I know, I mean, if I was a boy and my hormones were out of control or something. And even though that situation with guys certainly wouldn’t happen as often as the period does (or so I sure hope), just the thought of that being a possibility would freak me out. So yeah. I ended up being glad I’m a girl.

Okay. I’ll end this awkward post now. And maybe I made you feel better about being a girl. Or worse about being a boy. Or nothing at all. Anyway, you’re very welcome!


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