So, I don’t have anything to do for this halloween. Wish I did, because I love dressing up, but hey, what can you do? If this was a blog people commented on, I’d ask you what you’re dressing up as, because I’d love to see. But since that’s not the case (no harm intended), I’ll just post a picture of me from last year. I was a witch. Witches are awesome. I’d be a great witch this year with my dreads and all, but what can you do. Maybe I’ll force Julia do dress up with me tomorrow. OH! I wonder if we’ll get trick or treaters? That would be so much fun! In that case, I’ll have to buy candy. I realise I sound pathetic now, so I’ll just stop. Happy Halloween!

This skirt makes my waist look really big. Oh well. And FYI, I didn’t take my cat with me out.

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