Ten things I love

So, since I seem to be all drawn out for inspiration to find something to write, here or anywhere else really (which will make NaNoWriMo that starts in a few days interesting), I thought I’d do the same thing a friend did on her blog. Post ten things I love.

  1. I love hair. I love the dreads I now have, and I love colouring my hair and in general, I love changing my hair. It’s something refreshing about getting a totally new look. It makes looking at myself in the mirror exciting. And I love when other people change their hair. They don’t even have to change it, I just like.. looking at hair. That sounds creepy.

  2. Music. I should mention, this list doesn’t go in order. Hair isn’t my number one love in life. Back to music. I love music. The way a song can instantly change your mood. Even tho it more than not changes my mood into the melancholic. I somehow don’t mind it, it’s sort of a nice melancholy. The knowledge of other people out there, having felt the way you do, and hearing the beauty that can come out of the pain.

  3. Books. The fact that I can just (almost, at least) completely disappear into another world never cease to fascinate me. Good books are amongst the best things in the world.

  4. Animals. The innocent ways they just are, the honest way they always express how they feel. There’s no manipulation, no ulterior motive behind what they do. When they’re happy, they share their happiness with you so easily. And when they’re sad, well, that one just breaks my heart. Like when my cat doesn’t get her favourite food, and she just looks up at me with those eyes, asking why on earth I would try to feed her something else. Or when I leave my dog, and she whimpers for five minutes after I’ve left.

  5. Clothes. I don’t know why really. It’s difficult to put the finger on why I love that so much. I guess it’s about expression. How you present yourself can tell people a lot about you. And there’s just so much pretty out there! I also love to make clothes, repair them, dye them. Oh, you should see me when I wait for a washing machine of dyed clothes to be done. I’m like a kid in the biggest candy store he has ever seen.

  6. Creating things. This is probably my biggest passion. Whether it’s making music, painting a painting, sewing a new blouse, or simply cooking a meal. Putting things that by themselves weren’t much and being the whole process of making it something that actually has a function. Or just has some beauty to it. A little beauty, at least.

  7. People. I won’t lie, I’m really deadly scared of people. They freak the shit out of me. But once in a while, they don’t. Having friends and family that know you and love you and accept you isn’t something you can put a price on. They really are the center of my existence. Well, no, that’s me. But I wouldn’t be anything without them.

  8. Series. TV shows. Oh, what my life would be without that. I would have bored the life out of me. Or I would actually have done something with my life, instead of sitting dead and watching people that don’t really exist live. I choose to believe it’s the first one. I never intend to find out just how much of my life I’ve used on series. The number would astonish me, and yeah.. It wouldn’t be good for me to know. Ignorance is bliss. At least here.

  9. The Internet. Oh, the Internet. I owe you so much. This is probably the one thing I could never ever live without. Okay, there are some things I’d choose before it. But man, the detox I’d experience if I’d never get to go online again.

  10. Last thing. Hm. Choose wisely, Aila. Okay. I’ll take the one thing I’d choose over everything else if I only got to keep one thing in the whole world. Love. Having someone that knows me to the core, and that still loves me, and that just plain gets me. That’s worth everything, and nothing’s worth anything without it. I love you, darrrrling!

My gorgeous new hair.

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  1. Julia said,

    October 27, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    ❤ right back at ya, darlin'! Oh, I went all… Texas there.

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