Long time, no sea, seabear!

God, my wordplays. They’re so not funny. Oh well.

My very beloved MacBook have been exile for a while. But now, my dear Kara (that’s her name, yes) is back!

This weekend I went to a flea market with my.. uhm, best friend. Yeah, let’s call her that. That sounded so wrong. ANYWAYS, we found so much awesomeness! I now own these gorgeous shoes, which are probably men shoes, but now they’re me shoes. They’re great. And yeah.. Awesome. That flea market is my shopping trip of the year.

Imma give ya’ll a picture of MKA, cause I love Mary Kate as a redhead. Really. She’s gorgeous. I probably shouldn’t like them, given that they suck at what they’re famous for (acting), but then again, they’re just as much famous for their fashion style nowadays, and there’s not much to say about their fashion style. Except that it’s great. PICTURE TIME!

MK is on the right. With the red hair. That I was talking about. No shit.

I prefer Mary Kate out of the two of them. Nothing against Ashley, I just like MK’s style better.

Hm. I’m one of those people blogging about the Olsen twins now. God. And I’m a nerdfighter. Well, a person has a lot of sides, right?

Yeah. G’night weird people that actually read my blog even though I never blog! Listen to Damien Rice. 9 Crimes, or The Blower’s Daughter or Accidental Babies or.. well. Anything. Great music.


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