Run, run, run, you can ruuuuunnnn!!!

What is up with my views going skyhigh when I don’t blog, and when I do blog, there’s only a few? You weirdoes. Internet is a weirdo. HOHO, take that, you Internet!!!

Here you have a picture of my cat. Doing the evil look. Or maybe she’s trying to smile.

Today I went jogging. Because I just thought “Hey Aila, what about going outside in the nice whether for a run? That should be fun!”

15 minutes later. “How could I not remember how horrible this is?! God, I’m sweating so much (I have a slight phobia for my own sweat). And it’s so hard to breath. I think I’m just gonna lie down and die.”

15 minutes later. Again. “Wow, talk about being a dramaqueen, this isn’t a problem at all!”

One or two minutes later. “Okey, need to breath. I could kill for some water right now. WOW, this is even more horrible than I imagined. UGH, sweat!! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

On my walk back home. “I don’t understand why I thought that was a problem. I feel absolutely great!”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror. “Christ. I’m red. Like. RED. Wow. Okey, I’m just gonna cool down and take a shower. It’s okay.”

The doorbell rings. “THE DOORBELL RINGS! Okay, I could just pretend that I’m not at home. But it’s probably our neighbor. That heard me come in. Fuck. I don’t want to answer the door like this.”

Our neighbor speaks. I answer. She has some dvd’s she’d like to return to us. I say I was just about to go into the shower. I realise it’s really stupid to ask her to leave the dvd’s outside our door. So I open. And it wasn’t a big deal. She just asked if I had gone for a run. (HEHEHEHE, it rhymes! RHYYYYYMEES!!!!!!1!!)

I’ll stop with the italic now. To be honest, I’m confusing myself with where to use the italic, and where not to use it. I stared at the last paragraph for like 5 minutes, trying to decide. I decided on italic. If you’re like blind, and couldn’t tell.

OKEY BYEE!! I’m gonna go watch a danish crime-show called Forbrytelsen. Translated it would be something like The Crime. I know, original. But it’s really good.

PS: The title is some lyrics from a song I wrote like.. three years ago. It’s really catchy. It goes like this:

“Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, you can run! Run, run, from everything that’s gooooooo-oone.”

And that’s actually all I ever wrote for that song. I know. Why would you run from something that’s already gone? It’s really more of a melodic song. Orrrr… It’s really more of a stupid song. But it is catchy! Because.. likee… there aren’t enough really stupid, but catchy songs out there.

I said bye too long ago. Here, I’ll give you a wave!

Yeah. Yeah it is crazy-Aila-who-have-just-taken-a-run-and-is-red-cause-she-sometimes-forgets-how-not-in-shape-she-is-and-runs-way-too-fast-for-someone-who-is-not-in-shape.

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