Wow. Okay, so this is crazy. I had, to be honest, forgotten about this blog. Well, I’ve thought about it now and then, when the topic of blogs comes up, but that’s beside what I wanted to say. But I kind of just thought that “hey, no one ever reads it (or, one of two people, and not that that isn’t anyone, but jeez, that’s beside the point again), so why bother trying to keep it up?” and it just went out of my routine.

Till I saw my friend Julia tweet “I stumbled across Aila’s english blog today. Freaky.” And I was like no way, what the hell?!

And then of course I had to check. And wow, did I get surprised. I do not know how it’s possible to not write on a blog for months, and still have like 50 views a day. I cannot understand it. The viewcount on this blog is crazy. CRAZY. How do 7000 people get to read my blog? Or at least, on of the blog posts.

So I was like

And that was how you have made me feel. If you can’t tell, it’s a very happy feeling.

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