Rawfoodism and an open mic!

So, I’m starting my rawfood week now. Can’t take it anymore. Maybe it’ll last longer than a week, who knows. I’ll at least try it for that long. It should be interesting, I’ve never tried anything quite like it before.

Aaaand I’m scared. I’m carefully considering going to an open mic night. Not just to watch. It won’t happen right away, I know that much, but if I just ease up on the thought, maybe I’ll get there. And maybe I’ll convince Julia to join me. Scary. But that wouldn’t be as scary. I have stagefright, but I love the stage. Heh. I’ve never actually sung solo for a crowd before, but I was in a choir who had a national thing on TV. I think 1/4 of Norway watched the show, and even though we did just contribute on one song, it was so amazing. Like.. WOW. Haha, the clip is hilarious. You almost can’t see that I’m singing, I’m smiling so big.

Somehow I know it would be much easier to just climb a stage if I was in England or something. It’s much more.. alien then. Maybe not the best way to describe it, but I just read a sci-fi novel, so you’ll have to excuse me.

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