I thought I saw your face today

I like how Photobooth on Mac lets you do funny stuff. Today I have done something. And that’s not very often. I met a few friends downtown, and we went to a café and shopped a little. And planned our 18th birthday a little more. It was nice. I bought a new cream for my face.

And then I got a letter from my school. I think I maybe flunking. That’s no fun at all. Especially when it’s not like it’s because I’m lazy and just don’t want to. I really want to be able to go to school. Damn you, anxiety, for ruling my life. I still got a little time though, so I’m hoping it’ll turn out allright. I could always do summer school if not. I think.

Oh god, I’m just summing up everything I’ve done. It’s so boring. Geh. Okay, bye then!

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