Close-minded vs Provocative

Who’re you voting for? (No, not like president, like my headline, dumbass. I’m sorry, maybe you weren’t a dumbass.)

I saw this review (if you can call it that) about Lady Gaga’s new video, Telephone. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should go on her homepage and do so. I find it pretty awesome. These two ladies talking in the video at the bottom of this post however, did not. Sure, it’s provoking (for some, I didn’t think of it in that way at all). I only see that as a good thing though, you should provoke. It’s what makes changes, and what makes people accept in the end. Provoking is the start. It’s not something to be scared of. These ladies were so insulting, and homophobic and just so plain moralistic (in a way I don’t like at all) that it made me wanna puke.

It’s no difference if you’re gay, or white, or black or provocative or whatever. Just stop being so closely minded people! It’s making me crazyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeer.

In that spirit, I found some beautiful photos from cycle 12 of Top Model.

I’m not sure which spirit you can call that, but the pics are nice though. Here’s the not-so-nice-makes-you-wanna-scream-at-them video:

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