I’ve always liked that word. I like a lot of words. Words are awesomeness in a very pure form. Well, some of them are. Quite a few are the very opposite. I really want a foreign-word dictionary. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called in english. I stared at the one I wanted for five minutes in the bookstore before I went out.

Today I’ve been listening a little to Angus & Julia Stone. I’ve never listened to them before. I think I like it quite a lot. It’s much better than Sir Mix-A-Lot. I’m so tired of him and that stupid song that still hasn’t left my mind completely. Talking about that, here’s an awesomely annoying pic!

Facebook can be quite funny with those fake-things. I like the Harry Potter ones and such. God, my stomach hurts.

Here’s something a norwegian dude tweeted, it has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. As Julia said, it sounds like an excuse for those who just don’t read.

There’s nothing called cuddling up with a “good book”. It’s only another word for having too much free time, and to little to do.

Here’s another picture.

You want another one? No? Well, you’re getting it anyways. If you answered yes, good for you! YOU WON! The saying-yes-to-a-picture-and-getting-it-contest! If you didn’t answer, you should try to learn to do that. It’s rude not answering people.

Johnny Depp Special:

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