I dreamt I was raped.

No, I did not dream the actual rape. Thank god. But the kind of weird thing is that it wasn’t actually a bad thing. It was just like in my history. “Oh yeah, I got raped. But I managed to get past that, and now I’m only stronger.” That’s kind of what I see for myself now. I can’t believe I’m comparing my situation to rape, but it’s kind of the same thing. I only see myself getting stronger out of it. As  soon as I get out of it. Anxiety is such a bitch, cause you have no control. What so ever.

So, that was me kind of analyzing my dream! I don’t remember much else from it, really. I seldom remember a total dream. Wish I could, though.

I’m gonna finish with the beauty that is Zooey Deschanel. Cause she deserves to be in the same post as my rape-dream. No, she doesn’t. But I have to have her here anyway.

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