Tokio Hotel concert

I haven’t got much to write about at the moment, as all I do is wash the dishes and watch Bones. Most of the time goes to watching Bones, we don’t really have that much dishes to wash.

Anyways, Wednesday I was at the Tokio Hotel concert here in Oslo. Thought I’d make a little review.

Seeing as I was a huge fan of this band for some years, it was really fun seeing them live, which I sadly never got to do when my fannyness (I couldn’t think of a word, so I think I invented one) was at it highest.  I would’ve gotten more out of the experience then, but I won’t complain. It was a great experience now as well, cause those boys sure nows how to put on a liveshow.

For starters, they really know how to perform live. And that is a really important thing if you want to call yourself an artist, in my opinion. The concert was at this incredibly ugly sports arena, and I was like “oh no, this sucks..” once I got inside. But it was all forgotten when the stage was revealed and the lights turned down. It was simply just beautiful, every aspect of it.

So, people who aren’t Tokio Hotel fans should cut the guys some slack, because they really know what they’re doing. I think that  should count for something, if not for much.

No credit to me for the pic, and I’m sorry that I don’t know who to give the credit to.

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