Dublin pics

Just arrived at the hotel.

One of the main streets, if not the. Julia is a unicorn.

After the concert. Please do not mind us both looking ridiculous.

An awesome man who just stood like that.

Here’s the jacket I bought! It’s awesome, isn’t it? And yeah, I’m talking about my jacket, not the huge thing between us.

This is Julia in front of some houses.

This is me and Julia in front of a nice, green café. Green literally, as in the colour, not environmentally.

Notice how I get Julia to pose in front of things? We’re tourists, for gods sake! It’s practically a law.

Me in a museum, wearing a weird thing on my head.

Julia is scared of heights. I’m not. And we’re standing in a tower.

Gorgeous, right? Ah, I love it.

I love my nutty dad. It almost looks as though I’m taking a picture of Julia, and some random guy jumps in at the last second.

I think Julia’s position here is hilarious. Her head is like.. Haha!

Me and a window.

Some doors.

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