Cup o’ tea

I want this awesome tea-bags. They’re so extremely useless, that you can’t not want them. Art almost always is useless though, but it never stops you from wanting it. Human nature.

Tea is yum. Especially when your sick. Today I lost my voice, I talk like a crow. It’s quite funny. Not so much funny when I went to see my therapist with my dad, and ended up talking in this extremely high-pitched voice. The session was great though, I actually ended up crying for the first time. In sessions, not in life. I’ve cried plenty of times, just not so much in front of people. So I’m making progress, which is good.

I’ve also picked out colours for our new apartment with a little bit of help from my dad. It’s gonna be so awesome, I almost can’t wait. Now I’m gonna go watch the rest of Smallville, then One Tree Hill, then Friends, then Dharma & Greg, then Will & Grace and you get the drift. I’m gonna watch a lot of TV.

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