Tokio Hotel tonight

Tonight I’m going to the Tokio Hotel concert here in Oslo. Funny thing is that I’d actually forgotten all about it, my dad just reminded me on Monday, I think. It should be fun, I imagine. I was such a huge fan of them before, like one or two years ago. And I adore the style of Bill Kaulitz. He sure knows how to dress.

Now I’m sitting here, The Ellen Show is just done. Man, I love her so much. Best talkshow ever. I’ll get dressed pretty soon, cause I’m gonna go grab a cup of tea with a friend at our café. I look forward to dressing actually, cause the weather it so nice. All blue sky, and sun and it’s beautiful. Oh well, I better go! Don’t expect to be on the computer until at least late tonight. Concert, biiitches. Yay.


  1. lafunction said,

    March 4, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    You went too? 😮 😀
    Did you get a good spot? ^___^
    I’ve been a major fan for the last… 7?… years now. Of the 8 they’ve been producing records xD This was pretty much the moment of my life ❤

    • vindemiate said,

      March 4, 2010 at 10:16 PM

      Ah, it was a great concert! They really are amazing live. I got a decent spot, about in the middle of the crowd. Got to see the stage pretty good and stuff like that, so I’m happy with it. Since I’m not that much of a fan anymore, I figured others deserved the front spots more than me.

      Glad you enjoyed the concert! 😀

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