In Dublin and on concert

So, I really didn’t get the chance to tell you I’ll be somewhat gone for the weekend or so. Just got a little crazy much to do the last few days. (What is crazy much for me is probably like ordinary much for ordinary people. I’m not that ordinary in that way. Ordinary much for me is nothing. Literally nothing. Okay derailments Aila!)

I’m in Dublin now. Didn’t see that one coming? Well, if you read my blog you probably, maybe, possibly would. Perhaps. I think I mentioned it. DERAILMENTS!

Yeah, so I’m in Dublin. With my dad and my awesome friend Julia. We’ve been here for two days now, and are staying two more. And today we was at the freakin’ awesome 30 Seconds to Mars concert. I mean, IT WAS CRAZY. Capslock. I love them. They’re awesome. AWESOME. I’m in a little bit of a.. whatever it is. Rush. Adrenalin rush. Not quite. I’ll write more sense another day, I think. Have an awesome night/morning/day/whatever it is! I’ll post an awesome picture of Jared Leto’s new hair. He looked awesome on stage, and dude, he’s got some charisma.

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