On the road again

So, once again I’m off. It feels like traveling is all I’ve been doing the past week or so. I didn’t sleep tonight, in fear of not waking up to the train. Which leaves 6 am. Which means no buses are going. Which means I’ll have to bicycle down, which will take about 40 minutes, with way too much luggage. Oh joy.

Not sleeping was actually quite fun though. A friend of mine came over, and she’s asleep now, but we stayed up and listened to music and talked and had fun. She’s just gonna sleep till she wakes up, since she luckily knows my family good enough for it not too be way too awkward when I’m not here.

Shit, I have to go now. Okay, bye! Have a great day. And I like this picture, I actually think the twins are cute. Not much of actresses, but cute. And I like their style. I saw a girl on the bus today, she looked so much like them. She was so pretty, I couldn’t stop staring. I’m way too awkward sometimes. Oh, yeah, I had to go! Bye.

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