Okay.. so.. Wow. I’m speechless. Two days ago I had 757 views. That’s crazy. I mean, that’s so crazy awesome! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you all. WOW.

And to make my day even better I just found out (thanks to one of you lovely readers) that She & Him are coming to Oslo in May. I mean, She & Him! JEEZ, they’re so good. And I love Zooey Deschanel so much. So much. God, I feel like I’m gonna cry, I’m so happy. Wow. WOW. I need to stop that. But GOD. This is so fantastic!

I’ve cheated on my being away from the Internet, since well.. I’m me. And I need internet. And they actually did have access here, which I didn’t think they would, I and did bring my MacBook, since she’s just so lonely without me. Well, it’s really more the other way around. And I mostly brought it so me and my sister could watch some movies if we got bored. Which we did.

So, it’s really been nice up here! We went riding today, and the horse I got was so nice. We  got to gallop like crazy, and it’s like the biggest adrenalin rush ever. Amazing beyond words. And then we went downtown and shopped a little, which was fun. It’s so beautiful here, you wouldn’t believe. Huge mountains all around, and everything is white and it’s snows a lot, and just wow. The nature freak in me is going crazy. I’m so glad I get to appreciate nature this much.

Damn, I didn’t bring the wire that let’s me get my photos to my mac. Annoying. Well, you’ll just have to get them later then!

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