Never search “pimple” on google

I just did. And oh my god, I’m scarred for life. Really, it’s so… ugh. UGH! Don’t do it. You’ll want to do it, but do not do it.

Google is a scary place. There’s no ending to the terribleness you could find.

The reason I searched for this horrible thing, is that I’ve had a pimple in my face for the last days. It’s not an ordinary pimple. It’s a monster. Every time I look in the mirror, I do not see me, I see a huge pimple. I cannot focus on anything else. It’s just so.. there. Right there, huge and disgusting. And I try to get it away. I really do, but it simply just grows every time I try. It’s a conspiracy against me. My body is apparently hating me for some reason.

So it’s there, and I can’t look in any mirrors, cause then I would just want to crawl into a dark room and stay there till it’s gone.

I hate you, pimple. Know that.

No pictures seems fitting here, no one you’d want to see anyway. And, if you did search pimple up.. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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