Peeing when you’re nervous

Yesterday I wasn’t online. At all. I never turned on my computer. That’s huge. I.. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Seriously. God, I’m so sad. And the only reason I wasn’t on, was because I sat on a train all day. And then I came here, and there’s a dog here that’s just taking up everybody’s attention all the time.

Here is Stavanger. My home here in Stavanger, with my mom and sister. And three cats and a dog. She’s really a puppy, but really not. A huge puppy. And she’s gonna get SO huge. It’s awesome, I love big dogs.

Anyways, she’s like peeing when she gets nervous. So if she’s alone just for me to go on pee myself, she pees. It’s a little hilarious, I think. Not when you have to clean it up, but like.. when you don’t have to do that.

Today I ended up falling asleep with her on the couch, and we slept for four hours or so. She’s adorable, even if the cats aren’t that found of her. But they’re taking it well, given all.

And yeah, I love taking the train. Norwegian nature is just so beautiful.

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  1. February 19, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    Keep it dry here!
    Winter is beautiful, but I’m ready for the warm sun to hit me in the face.
    Cool photo.

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