I never like the winners

So, I finished season 5 of Project Runway today. My sister thought I was a little antisocial, but when you’re addicted, you just are. Right? Or am I the only one? Wouldn’t be that surprising.

Anyways, the one I liked the most didn’t win. Of course. He/she never does. I agree with the judges on the piece he went out on though, it wasn’t his best. But I loved his designs otherwise. It was Jerrel, if anyone might have watched that season and wondered who I was talking about. I tried finding photos of him or his designs, but I found none that were in an acceptable quality. So I’ll just leave it then.

The saddest part about him leaving was that he was the fourth from winning, so he was so close to being on the finale (which is the top three), where we would’ve seen his collection on the runway. I could’ve lived with him not winning, at least I would’ve got a good look at his designs.

I found a pic after all, so here ya go.

The title isn’t correct though, I did like the one that won. She just wasn’t my favourite.

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