Nights for an insomniac

11 pm: I’ll be good and go to bed early today. Just watching this episode of Project Runway first. Okay, all done, I’m going brushing my teeth and that kinda things.

12 pm: Lying in bed. Maybe I should read a little. Starting to read in The Secret Life of Bees. Maybe some calm music would help me be sleepy. Turning on some piano music.

1 am: Replaying the CD. Okay, so I’ll just read till I fall asleep from exhaustion. That should work.

2 am: Replaying the CD again. Damn, my eyes won’t stay open. I’ve read 2/3 of the book. I’m so tired, please let me sleep.

3 am: Okay, I’ll listen to a audio book since I can’t read. Listening to the audio book of Phantom of the Opera. God, her voice makes me so crazy, I can’t possibly listen to this anymore. Starting to talk to myself in english. Well, I’ve been talking to myself for like half an hour, so I’ll start talking to anyone that might listen, begging them to let me sleep.

4 am: Music. Music would maybe help. Turning on a David Bowie album.

5 am: Turning on a second David Bowie album. God, I wish I’d bought that awesome David Bowie t-shirt I saw at H&M.

6 am: Turning on a third David Bowie album. I really like this guy more than I thought. And that I really want to sleep.

7 am: Okay, if I’m not asleep when it’s 8 am, I’ll just not sleep then.

12 am: Damn, I did fall asleep. I want coffee. Now.

The worst thing is that it’s not that I’m not tired. I’m tired like shit. I just can’t sleep. And it’s sucks. Big time. Pic from imgfave, once again.

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