Almost Alice

I’m so looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland movie. Like crazy. God, I think it’s going to be awesome. I love Tim Burton, and I love the craziness of this story. And just the colours and everything seems to be amazing. It’s gonna have to be awesome. I’ll surely go see it in 3D at the theater.

Anne Hathaway looks so beautiful here. I’m such a big fan of pale skin, extremely light hair and red lips. This is the best way I’ve seen it work until now, I think.

I’m also looking forward to the soundtrack for the movie. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna buy it. Firstly I love soundtracks (well, if they’re any good of course) and secondly it’s got a pretty decent line of artists in it. Including Robert Smith (from The Cure), Avril Lavigne, Metro Station, Tokio Hotel, Kerli and much more. It’s not all what I usually listen to, but heck, that’s just a good thing. I’ve listened to the previews, and I like it. The song with Tokio Hotel and Kerli has a catchy, nice chorus. Song is called Strange, btw.

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