Rest and wake anyway that you want

Tyler Hilton ftw.

This evening I’ve been sleeping on the couch, then waking up to my dad surprisingly haven bought me tofu ice cream. Chocolate flavour. I love ice cream so much! It’s heaven. Chocolate tasty heaven. No better heaven than that. My dad is pretty awesome for buying it too.

Then me and my dad watched a movie. The Final Cut. It was pretty good. I liked it. Oh, I watched Up In The Air the other day. That movie was a good movie, I tell you. Anna Kendrick was so amazing in it. And she’s so pretty too.

Here’s me smiling. Given to you on request in a comment, sometime ago. Interesting to see if that person actually sees it. Anyways I’m smiling, and smiles are always nice. Smile you too! Let’s all just smile, and everything will be awesome. That’s some serious life philosophy.

Now my dad is sleeping, and I’m like hanging around. Well, actually I’m just sitting here writing, listening to Spotify. My saturday evenings are so great. And now I’m thinking about what to do for Valentines Day. I’ll probably just call my mom. Since it’s also Mothers Day. And I like that one better. Valentines Day has never been a thing for me. Maybe cause I’ve never had anyone to have a thing with on Valentines Day, but heck. It’s just a day. It’s not like I care.

I just made it seem like I care big time, didn’t I? Well, maybe I do. I don’t really do, I’m just being dramatic. But believe what you want. My two Ailas already have an opinion each, so.

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