Mango chutney emergency

We had indian food for dinner today, which I love. It was only one little crisis. We were out of mango chutney. And I tell you, mango chutney is life. You cannot live without mango chutney. So needless to say, I’m now dead. You didn’t know ghost could write blogposts now, did you? What can I tell ya, you live and you learn.

This is how me and my shizzle drizzle friend looked at the Emilie Autumn concert. We’re pretty awesome. Not to get me started on my hair. Dreads are fucking way awesome. I’ll get them properly on in like.. a week. Can’t wait.

This is how I looked. With such a great smile. “I’m taking a picture of myself, and I feel like an idiot. Well, you might as well be a smiling idiot! SMILE!” *click* And the picture is here to stay.

My shizzle drizzle friend at McDonalds. Were none of us really could eat anything. Pescetarian and vegan, y’know. Life’s not easy. But it’s a little easier with pommes frites to chew on.

Me looking nice with a facial mask on. No further comment.

Me yesterday. Do not ask what I’m doing, I repeat, do not ask what I’m doing. You asking what I’m doing? I’m being a bridge. A pretty good one at that.

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