I’m late and I apologize, mr. Schein.

Okay, so I kinda suck. Just when I actually start getting followers, I don’t blog. What’s up with that? Not cool Aila, not cool at all. Yeah, so I’m kinda not cool, I get that. And I’m being two Ailas again. I need to stop doing that all the time. I’m telling ya, my head is going crazy. Soon I’ll probably think there exists two of me. And then I’ll be sent into a mental institution, and I’ll surely not get to blog more. And blogging is all I have, so that would be incredibly sad. It’s not all I have. It so is.

See, there I’m doing it again. Getting out of hand here. SO! I’ll just stop that and continue this post on more normal terms. Like that’s ever happening. Anyways, I’ll give you an update on what’s going on in my awesome life. And there’s so much, you wouldn’t believe it. I have no life, but lets look away from that, shall we?

Last weekend I was on the Emilie Autumn concert here in Oslo. She’s so great, so of course that was awesome. And my shizzle drizzle friend Julia stayed over the whole weekend, and it really doesn’t get better than that.

So, for the whole week I did nothing. I honestly can’t say a single thing that is like.. worth mentioning. I watch TV-shows. Like always. And that’s pretty much it.

Then, yesterday I was at a friend’s house, and we made dinner and had fun. I ate vegan nachos, which was pretty awesome. And today my shizzle drizzle friend came to Oslo, because she needed her glasses. She really didn’t want to see me, but without her glasses she couldn’t see anything, so since she wanted to see other peeps, she had to come. I haven’t told her this, but I hid the glasses, so she would have to come.

You read that, Julia? Well, darn!

And btw, I’m joking. Not. Am. Not. And welcome back to the two Ailas show!

I’m gonna be boring, and not give you any photos. Because I’m feeling lazy and want to watch TV. I’ll post a picture spam later today though, cause I have some pics laying around that I want to share. I’m getting better with my camera. Not in the oh-I’m-such-a-great-photographer way, but in the I’m-actually-using-my-camera way.

Another btw (I think I had one earlier in this post, yeah?), I’m being totally random with my title. I actually just made it up. It’s not quoting anything at all, like it may seem. Or am I just thinking I’m that good at making things up, and you just thought, “hey, …” actually, you probably didn’t think anything. And yes, I am good at making things that are no big deal at all, into a huge deal. That’s. Just. Me. Ehehe. Right. I’ll go watch TV now.

1 Comment

  1. decapode said,

    February 16, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    Oh, of course I knew, Aila! You can’t hide from the cyberspace! HØHØ.

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