There’s news on TV

Yay, after-growth soon gone! I’m sitting with bleach  (you use that word for hair-bleach?) in my hair, my ears are itching. But I don’t mind, cause I’m just so awesome.

I enjoy watching the news in the morning. Probably got that from my newsfreak of a father. It’s not so weird actually, he’s a journalist.

I’m aiming for level 9, maybe 10. Really hope it doesn’t end at 11, cause that would look weird with the rest of my hair. Ah, the anticipation of seeing my hair when it’s done is so exiting! I love colouring my hair. Specially when it turns out good. Yeah, cause that’s so weird.

Okay, let’s see. My hair have had the levels 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. I want level 8 at some point. Just not really that colour. Just red, but more dark red. Next time I’m taking a total make-over (as my dad calls it) I’ll probably chose red. This level thing was fun!

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