An orange of fruit

I don’t get these statistics. I mean, sure, there’s gonna be be some up and downs, but over 100 views one day, and 9 the next? That’s so weird. I don’t like it. Okay, I’m gonna stop complaining on my views now, cause nobody honestly wants to hear it. Included me.

So, I’ve had a little fun today. No school, cause I was at my psychologist in the middle of the day. I stood up early though, cause I had to call my sister. It’s her birthday. Later on I went to a café with some friends, it’s another of my favourites, and we made some plans for our 18th birthday party. We’re gonna have one together, three peeps. I think it’s gonna be awesome.

I’ve just watched Desperate Housewives and eaten cookies all of the evening. It’s awesome, and now my stomach hurts. I think I’m gonna go watch some more DH.

Oh, just a little btw. I’ve been thinking about alcohol for some time, and I don’t really like it that much anymore. It’s just so.. I don’t know. You should be able to have those feelings without drugs, as a dear friend said. Quote by Ernest Hemningway:

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

And yeah, that picture was kinda awesome. I love God, I can be so random.

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