Talk to strangers

So, today I’ve actually done something. Not been to school like I said to myself yesterday, because well, yesterday I didn’t know that I wouldn’t sleep until 4 am. But I’ve been hanging out with a friend at our regular café. It’s such a nice place. She had to go to work (cause yeah, she has that. I’m not envious at all. I totally am) so I went by the mall to buy some books. And just look around really.

When I was in the bookstore, a man came up to me, asking me about the books I was looking at. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, he was just genuinely interested. So I answered, and we ended up having a ten minutes long conversation. It was really interesting, and I got a lot out of it. He was so good at analyzing people, and it was a really rare conversation. There should be more of those, because they really make a difference. Hence my title, talk to strangers. It’s good getting new influences, and just because you don’t know somebody, doesn’t mean they’re a pervert killer.

So, this is what I bought today! The Secret Lifes of Bees book, a Hemningway novel, an MGMT CD, haircolour, and this.. what is it called in english? Hair-removal-thingy-for-clothes. A life necessity when you’ve got cats. I like the MGMT CD, a friend of mine has it on vinyl, so I’ve listened to it a lot when I’m at his place. He really likes it. So do I.

Well, I’ll go eat some dinner soon, and then colour my after growth. (That’s what Google translator says it’s named, at least!). My roots are a little to dark, and some of the hair a little too orange. I’ll post a picture of the result later.

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