Just write? I don't get this. It's weird. The only thing you do is write? Well, okay. Or not. You probably can read what I write. I don't like that. Wonder if I'm just being paranoid, or if that actually is correct. I'm have a button on the last one. I don't think button is what they say. Ah, sometimes it sucks so bad not to speak english natively. I really want that. Oh, there you go, I was just wondering if it would show if I wrote something wrong. It did. So now I know that. Good to know. Really good to know. Really, really good to know. If there actually is someone reading this, I'm hoping you have fun. You probably aren't. Well then, stop reading. Easy as that. Oh, how much fun would it be if someone somewhere else on the net got everything I write, just as I write it. And they're just sitting there, wondering if it's fake or not. It's not fake, I'm actually writing this. And I actually don't know that you're reading this. I'm just assuming. I like to assume. Do you? Wow, you can't answer me. That's fun. Or not, what if you really badly wanted to contact me. For whatever weird reason. Well then, I must disappoint you, you probably won't be able to. I had to check how disappoint was written, just now. I couldn't remember. You learn new stuff, writing in english. I found that out, well, long ago. I've got an english blog, so that helps me as well. Awesome. I'm thinking about stopping this now, but then again, I really want to write the whole page out. Me and my ah, english word please! Obsessive-compulsive thoughts. That wasn't quite right, but you got my drift, I hope. I think I am a little obsessive-compulsive. Or will be. Ah, whatever. Taking it as it comes, dude. I don't have that much left now, just about one third of the page. Maybe one fourth. Routing for the last one! Man, that was what I was trying to say when I started talking about buttons! Rooting maybe? Not sure. Please let me know, friend-stranger. I like you. That was a lie, I can't really say that I do. I know absolutely nothing about you what so ever. You know a little about me, though. I wonder if anythings gonna happen when I'm done writing this page. I hope so. Probably won't. It would be fun if it did. Please do! Just some thing about which words I used the most, or some shit. That would be fun. My Sunday wish. You don't really get Sunday wishes especially, do you? One can always hope. I had to get the door, so I was gone for a moment. Hope that's okay. Exiting, we're almost at the end. Please, don't let my hopes die! I've written all this garbage for the whole page. That's really not a problem, I love writing garbage. Ah, it didn't do shit. Well, bye then!

So, that’s what you get when I’m given absolutely nothing to write about. Probably bored the shit out of you. Well, good for you! I like boring the shit out of people. Not really. www.darkcopy.com If you should be interested. I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing publishing this, but.. yeah. I’m doing hell, apparently.

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