That’s such a pretty word, isn’t it? I like it. And it has good associations too. Organic bananas, for example, tastes a hell of a lot better than the other ones.

If that aint awesome, I don't know what is.

Yeah, it’s real. Not. But you can buy organic sodas at health stores, I think. Coke as well, just not from Coca Cola.

Sport is my enemy. It delays the shows I want to watch on TV, just because some stupid handball players can’t get done in time. And working out is also an enemy of mine. I just really can’t stand it. Wish I could, but I just don’t find it worth it. So I try to make up for that by eating even a little healthier. And walking instead of taking a bus or something, if it’s not too cold, and not too long a distance. Also, I hate sweating. It’s gross. That’s just one of the things I pretty much can’t stand.

Ah, aint pictures amazing or what!

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