3.1 Philip Lim

A little fashion to get you through the day. If you’re like me and it can do that for you. Anyway, 3.1 Philip Lim is one of my favourites this fall, so I’ll give you a little taste.

I absolutely adore the knitwear on the second picture here.

And the colours of the first one of these. And really, the colours of the whole collection. I’m talking about the pictures about the writing in every column, if you were wondering.

Whenever anyone puts anything green into a collection, I’m instantly in love with it. Yes. I’m that easy.

Saved the best one for last. Cause that’s the way to do it. And I would almost kill for those pants. Nnngggh. Fashion and not having money does not go easily hand in hand.

Floating in dreamspace

I had such an amazing dream tonight that it demands to be shared here on the great place of the Internet. It was so cool. So awesome, so.. yeah. Got me to realize I’ve been getting a lot of science fiction into my system lately.

I’ve never been that good on telling stories (which makes me the ultimate blogger, I know), but nevertheless I’m gonna give it a try. Don’t shoot me if it wasn’t what you expected.

We (myself and all the people I apparently know, but don’t have a clue about outside the dreamworld) were on this center where we were gonna learn something about something, on a spaceship that was stranded on a planet. And we were left pretty much to ourselves, we got to go to the store and buy in groceries as we saw fit. I went to the store and got back with a pepperoni pizza (which I regretted buying, since I don’t eat meat), a carton of red wine, and some energy bars. That was our food for a few days. As it turns out, we didn’t have as much freedom to buy food as I first thought.

After a while of hanging out in our dorm, we got attacked buy aliens. And they were this huge, ten times bigger than humans, aliens. They didn’t really have faces, it looked like they were squinting way too much, which resulted in their eyes and mouths being hidden inside all the skin. And they were kind of brown/blueish. And it was all chaos, until I discovered something really disturbing. Someone had drunk my carton of wine. And in the chaos of being attacked by aliens, I started interrogating everyone to find out who drank it. Which shouldn’t really be that difficult, because when you’ve drunk a carton of wine by yourself, it should be pretty obvious. My search for the drunken thief, however, got interrupted by our spaceship being ripped apart by these aliens. So we ended up floating around in space. And I was still pissed about the stolen wine. I suspected our teacher, who floated near me, so I confronted her. It turned out, she seemed pretty wasted. So I yelled at her, about how she really couldn’t just go about drinking wine while we were attacked by aliens, and most importantly, that wine wasn’t hers. She didn’t really care. So I just floated around in space being angry until I woke up.

If there’s one thing I learned from this dream, it’s that if I ever get attacked by aliens in space, I should watch my priorities carefully. And that sadly, I am perhaps not suitable as the Doctors companion. But I don’t want to believe that, so I’ll keep on not believing it. I would be awesome as his companion. (For those of you that don’t watch Doctor Who, and don’t have the faintest idea what I’m taking about; watch Doctor Who.) Doctor, if you read this, I’m not really even that interested in alcohol, it’s never been a big part of my priorities. Honest. (Really, I am honest. Even though it sounds like I’m in denial of my drinking problem. Anyway, Rose loves drugs!)

Pictures almost shamelessly stolen from Google.

Food for herbivores

If you’re interested in vegetarian/vegan food, but have an impossibly carnivorish family, I might be able to help you. A little, at least. (You don’t really have to have a carnivore family, I just wanted to write that.) Food without meat is good for you, for the environment, and just to top it off, it can taste brilliant! But you probably figured as much out yourself. I’ll give you a little fact you might not know. 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of meat. That’s more than all transport put together. Including airplanes.

So if you want a clean conscience (well, I’m not sure a completely clean conscience is possible for anyone, but if you want to clean out some of your conscience, at least), eating vegetables and “that stuff” (more on that after the very nice picture of me and my dinner) is a good way to go. For the environment, and the animals. And you. Jackpot, hell yeah!

People who are used to making most dinners with the base in meat, can find it a little difficult to think of things to make without meat. There’s a lot of things to eat besides just vegetables without it being meat. And there’s a thousand ways to vary them. Lentils is one of my favourites. I make this lentils soup that I’ve been in love with since the first time I made it. And so has just about everyone else who’ve tried it (I know, modesty). My mum asks me to make it every time I’m home. Besides lentils, there’s beans, peas, and a whole lot of varieties of whole grains. You can also make dinner cakes (as seen with me pointing my finger enthusiastically) with vegetables as carrots or beets.

Lentils Soup

This pan can easily be “upgraded” by adding different vegetables to taste.
Add  for example broccoli, snow peas, carrots, cauliflower, etc. Serve with some good bread.

  • 250 gr. red lentils
  • 1 liter boiling water
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 teaspoons grated ginger root
  • 2 Tbsp. tomato puree
  • vegetable stock
  • turmeric
  • basil
  • cayenne pepper
  • curry
  • salt

Fry the onions, garlic, and ginger until they are soft. Add the turmeric and tomatopuree. Pour over water and a 5dl
Dice / ca 1SS (powder), vegetable broth.

Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, lower heat and let the pot simmer for 30 minutes. Add the spices a few minutes before removing the pan from the heat.

The great, allmighty lentils soup! If you like cooking, I recommend you to try it. If you don’t like cooking, I can tell you that it’s fairly easy to make. So go on, make it. Make it, make it, go you, go and maaaaaake eeet!

My dad makes this amazing vegan lasagna. It’s all about substitutes. There’s substitutes for everything. Even the cheese.

Oh, and as for the myth about not getting protein without eating meat, it’s just that. A myth. Nothing to worry about, just vary your food and be inspired and you’re good to go! If you’re planning on going vegan, I would recommend you read a little up on it never the less. There’s lots of great places to do that.

Battle (babble) of the iPods

Okay. Thought I would have more time to write this post. But my train leaves in half an hour, and I have to pack, so no. I’m only taking the train into town, it’s a nine minute ride. When you say you’re gonna take the train, plus packing, it sounds like you’re going away for longer than just to spend the evening at a friend.

I have no idea what I’m doing posting this. This is nothing, just me babbling. Worse than like.. me babbling in every other post I write on this goddamn weird blog. Anyhow and way, I now want to formally inform you of something important. My iPod is broken. It’s taken one of it’s breaks from me, at least. This is the longest one this far in our.. what is it? 5 year long relationship? No wonder she takes breaks from me. I can’t even remember how long we’ve been together. And I took a long break from her as well. With my new iPod. But then he got stolen, and here we are again. I should go apologise. Yes. Bye.


Ways to give love

Okay. So I’ve been a little low on inspiration, and decided to check out blog tips. And then picked a random number, and on the list of things to blog about, this was what I ended up with. 25 ways to say I love you.

It goes well with Valentine coming up, so why not. Even though I’ve never been big on Valentine (but then again, I don’t think many people in Norway are, especially if you’re not in a relationship).

  1. Say “I love you.” Oh, you say that’s too obvious, do you? Well, I don’t have any defense to that. But it will get the right message out, if nothing else.
  2. Bake a cake. Cake is good, and made with love, and all that crap. Very few will find it in them to not like to get a cake. Just crazy people that you don’t want to have anything to do with anyway.
  3. Buy flowers in a pot. Because they live, just like you want your love to live! Why would you want to give someone flowers that are damned to die within days? Yesyes, I’m a genius, I know.
  4. Give one of your favourite books. And maybe even write inside on of the first pages, just so they won’t forget who gave it to you.
  5. Frame a picture of you in a nice frame and pack it in nicely. I got a picture of me and Julia once, and it was very nice. Personal gifts are always best. Which brings me to..
  6. Make something. Draw, paint, sew, whatever it is you feel most comfortable with. And give that. Even if it’s not the most perfect thing, the fact that you made it makes it puuurrrrfect. (Yes, I’m very aware of the dangerously high level of clichés I’m reaching.)
  7. Buy incense or candles or tea or some good coffee. Cause if that’s something they use, they’ll always need it, and it’ll always be appreciated.
  8. Call them or meet them just to chat. Cause chatting is nice (taken that it’s a person that to some degree likes people, at least) and it obviously means you care about them enough to want to talk to them.
  9. Music. Whether you chose the cliché of a mix-tape, or just a CD you think they’ll like.
  10. Give them an experience. No, I don’t mean like that. Just for you to go to a theater or museum or to drive go-karts or something like that. Memories are kind of priceless.

I’ll stop at ten. There’s no way I could’ve managed to think up 25 of these. It felt weird enough just doing ten. I don’t see myself as any expert on these things. I just wrote things I would be glad to get, and that I would see as a lovely gesture. So if it’s not me you’re planning to give something to, don’t follow me blindly.

Pringles of Fall Fashion

Thought I’d post a little fall fashion. Since it’s so very soon fall, you know. But I like fall. And fall means it’s just been summer, so it’s still warm outside, and hopefully you have some nice summer memories to hang unto. And the fact that that’s how fashion works, they give it to you way before the time to wear it has come.

This is from Cacharel’s pre-fall line for 2011. I really liked the model, but I haven’t been able to find her name yet. No fear though, I’ll keep trying. Cause that’s what I do. The voice inside my head read that in a funny way. Make yours do the same.

And this is from Pringle of Scotland, pre-fall 2011 as well.

Five of everything, but not really

So, you know. LISTS. Man. What’s better? I’ll tell you what’s better. Nothing. I’m probably taking to much from my friend’s blog (Julia) when I do this, but she’ll forgive me. See, she made lists of five things from January, and I decided to do the same. Just without the January part. Five things from whenever (wheeeeereeeeeeeeeverrrrr), that I like.


  1. Congratulations – MGMT
  2. Light Me Up – The Pretty Reckless
  3. Saturdays = Youth – M83
  4. This is Me – Charlie McDonnel
  5. Fantasies – Metric

Five Books:

  1. Notes on a Scandal – Zoé Heller
  2. Growing Pains – Billie Piper
  3. Paper Towns – John Green
  4. The Secret History – Donna Tarrt
  5. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins


  1. The Way it Ends – Landon Pigg
  2. Subdivisions – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
  3. Eet – Regina Spector
  4. My Medea – Vienna Teng
  5. Siberian Breaks – MGMT


  1. Earthlings (documentary)
  2. Mr. Nobody (effing best movie I’ve ever seen)
  3. Music and Lyrics (alltime feelgood movie)
  4. Barfuss
  5. What The Bleep Do We Know?

Five good things:

  1. Chocolate soy milk
  2. Finding new, great songs
  3. Reading books
  4. Trying new things
  5. Buying birthdays gifts (especially when it’s for my little sister)

Yes. Yes, I linked them all. Yes, I have a lot of free time. And no, that last link wasn’t a mistake. Cat’s have lots to do with my sister’s birthday present.

Androgynous appreciation from top to toe

For some time now, I’ve been in love with the androgynous. Whether it be fashion, or people, or.. or. Well. Here’s what wikipedia describes this lovely type of.. being (or something like that) as:

Androgyny is a term—derived from the Greek words άνδρoς (andros, meaning man) and γυνή (gyné, meaning woman)—referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. This may be as in fashionsexual identity, or sexual lifestyle, or it may refer to biologically inter-sexed physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality.

I think that described it pretty well. But if you’re still in question of what androgynous means and represents, I’ll try to give you my best. Personally, I don’t think androgyneity needs to have anything to do with your sexual orientation. It can just as easily be your personal style or a statement, whether it be fashion wise or more political than that. It’s just a way you can chose to represent yourself, if you feel that it fits you.

Rad Hourani is a designer, who designs his clothes to fit both men and women. In his runway shows, different from most others, all his outfits can be worn by both men and women. I think it’s pretty awesome. The designs, and the concept. Here’s a little taste of it, you can see the whole collection at style.com.

There’s this model as well, you’ve probably heard of her. She’s like kinda famous. Anyhow, she’s become kind of a symbol for androgyneity. I really love her style.

(In case you didn’t know, it’s Agyness Deyn.)

Also, I’ve liked Bill Kaulitz’s style for some time now, it’s just gotten better over the years, and I think he’s a good example for men being androgynous.

Traits that usually is associated with the androgynous look differences from females to males, for obvious reasons. I don’t think there’s really just one or two things you can put your finger on when it comes to explain why some people appear androgynous, and it’s so different from person to person. But there are some characteristics that usually have some say in it, and since I’m writing this informative (or so I’d at least like to think) post, and since I adore lists more than what is probably healthy, I’ll give you one.

  • How clothes sit on your body (Tight for males, sometimes, but not really necessarily, looser on females)
  • Eyebrows (More styled on males, thicker and maybe a little bushier on females)
  • Hair (Sometimes longer and more femininely styled on males, short on females)
  • Colours (Unisex colours like black, grey, blue and red. This really goes for both genders.)
  • Make-up (For males; more, for females; less, or at least not very feminine)

It felt a little weird writing this list, as I do in no aspect consider myself any kind of expert on androgynous appearance. Neither do I believe in following any kind of rules when dress yourself, so don’t take this as meaning that if you want to get an androgynous look you’ll have to drop your favourite colour forever because I didn’t mention it here. I didn’t even mention my own favourite colour, and I consider myself to be at least a little bit androgynous. (For the record, it is as you probably can see on the design of my blog, green.)

Hope you enjoyed this, and maybe found some use in it, or maybe you found it totally offending (which if you did, please let me know). I enjoyed writing it, if nothing else.

And, just so you know, I don’t really think my adulation for lists is unhealthy.

Autumn isn’t the pillow-making season

I wish I was feeling inspired to blog. Like, really.. just.. getting there. Cause yeah, I’d like to just.. get there. Oh Aila, how extremely good you are at describing things.

Anyhow. Anybow. Anysheep. I’m gonna go and make a pillow. I miss autumn a little. Picture. Of me and Autumn. Autumn is really a pretty name. I don’t think I would’ve called my maybe-one-day-to-exist kid that, since it’s not really a name you can pronounce in norwegian and what the hell am I doing, kids aren’t even like really a part of my plan yet, and hell, I don’t really have that much of a plan and pillow needs making okay bye.

I’d like to think..

… that if I had guitars in this many colours, I’d automatically be awesome at playing.

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